How to Make a Cat Repellent Automatic Sprinkler – For Under $15 in Parts

If you have cats or other unwanted animals in your garden I have now put together simple instructions on how to make your own automatic sprinkler animal repellent.

This design is easier to put together than a lego kit, allowing people with no prior DIY skills to build it. Best of all it can be done in as little as 45 minutes with less that $15.00 worth of parts.

Commercial versions of this concept can be really expensive- ranging from $80 to $190! Which is partly what inspired me to come up with this design.

This simple project can be used:

  • As a Cat or Dog Repellent
  • Animal Deterrent for other backyard pest like Squirrels, Bears, Possums, Raccoons & Deer 
  • Use it to stop a pet dog digging in your yard
  • To stop ducks sitting on your pool
  • Prevent birds from killing fish in a pond
  • Keep birds off a window ledge
  • Prank friends or family
  • or even as a fun & educational school science project.

I have come up with two designs, one which is stupidly simple to put together however lacks a fair amount of durability – like don’t leave it in the rain, plus it needs mains power- featured in the video below. I call it “The Basic Build”

Then the second version (“The Advanced Build”)  takes a little longer to assemble (about 1.5 hours) & cost around $20.00 in parts. This is detailed in an easy to follow ebook that I have released on amazon. It’s just a few bucks and will help support future projects on my YouTube channel.

To thank my YouTube subscribers the ebook is available at 70% off for the next 2 days, so grab yourself a cheap copy and get building 😉

I will update this post with more pics and info in the next few days. Thanks heaps for the support!

I have also whipped up a standalone website where I will add project updates like future parts availability & additional fun modifications. 

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