Just a quick selection of public comments.

quote-iconHow can a man from WA be so funny, clever and handy?
Love the vids mate! Keep it up!!

— IBM2217


quote-icon“Increase the fear element of the device”… that is the single most frightening sentence I have ever heard.”

— shattersmith


quote-icon“I’ve never enjoyed a video this much in my life.”



quote-icon“I discovered Craig Turner today. I watched his videos for over an hour and loved them (so did my 10 yr old son). I also discovered the Australian Top Gear and after 10 minutes I was bored so went back to Craig Turner again. Love your work Craig. Your awesome!”

— Sally Logan


quote-icon“How are you so funny and inventive and amazing? It’s mind blowing!”

— Kimmi Moak


quote-iconYour bloopers show us just how much work you put into your videos, and I must say the results are awesome.

— Poseidon9210