How to make a full size foam cutter in under 20 minutes

With the prospect of having to do a fair bit of work with foam (expanded polystyrene / styrofoam) for a YouTube video project, I ended up going down the path of making my own full size foam cutter.

To buy a full size table cost around $600, so that wasn’t an option. Then every DIY video I had seen on making your own hot wire foam cutter featured fairly complex and time consuming projects.

I improvised this foam cutter with materials from around the shed, and it accidentally turned out pretty darn good.

Not only is it a professional table sized cutter, but the angle of the wire can be changed on both axis, plus the temperature of the hot wire can be varied.

Yeah it’s a little dodgy around the edges but for a build that only took me around 20 minutes and cost nothing in parts, I’m pretty happy how it turned out

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