I Try to Explain Weird Project Photos in my Phone Gallery

A new series where I try to explain weird DIY projects and life hacks from photos in my phone gallery. This to give a bit of an insight  into what I have been up too and possibly other hacks that could help you in life.

In this video:

How to dry shoes in a slow cooker (crookpot): 0:28
How to fix flip flop (Thongs) when the plug comes off: 1:45
I have fixed our broken tap with grip lock pliers: 2:59
How to make quick & easy fold up tripods in under 40 minutes: 3:25
How to find a leak in a swimming pool with printer ink: 4:00
I made a dust free PC case filter / air box which eliminates 100% of dust to keep the computer clean: 4:30
How to make a flashing wind bird repellent reflector: 4:52
How to make a Koozie / stubby holder with a chip packet: 5:58
How to convert a hand held shower head to wall mounted with shower curtain rings – Travel Hack: 7:00
Make a microphone windsock from couch cushion foam – Travel Hack: 7:37
How to remove a stuck lens filter on a DJI drone: 8:48
Making a drop release trigger on a DJI drone using the camera (Phantom 4): 9:16
Kristen fits in the foot well of an XM Ford Falcon: 9:59

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