Life Hack – Pavement Space Invaders

Pavement Space Invaders 1-Craig Turner-Turnah81


No one likes having to clean up so here is a simple life hack you need to know to complicate your life further.
When it comes to tidying up the back yard you want to it be as quick and easy as possible so I’m always here to help and have turned what should be a 30 minute clean into a 4 hour project.

If you have a pressure washer I would encourage you to also try this in areas such as the kitchen,  bathroom and carpets 😉

Ok serious, you might not actually have a go at this but it is still satisfying to watch…i hope. It’s a fun “easy” DIY project if you want to experiment with creating your own 8-bit Atari style artwork.Pavement Space Invaders 2-Craig Turner-Turnah81

Also – Yes, this did the trick when it came to removing the cat claw marks.

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