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Welcome to my website

Thanks for dropping by. This site will mostly feature content relating to my YouTube channel “Turnah81″ and other cool stuff that feels good in my brain. Make sure you subscribe…

Trip wire mouse trap- Craig Turner-Turnah81

Homemade mouse trap – The best mouse & rat trap of 2018

Are you looking to eradicate your mouse or rat problem? We’ll you know I’ve got your back! This is my homemade trip wire, chopstick dart, mouse trap / rat trap.…

Craig Turner-Coffee Cup Record Player

Survive a power outage – “The Coffee Cup Battery Drill Record Player” DIY Project

In any power failure re-establishing music is of significant importance…well I think it is anyway.  In this video I show you how to build a simple music machine out of common household…

Life Hacks Cleaning Space Invaders- Craig Turner - Turnah81

Life Hack – Pavement Space Invaders

  No one likes having to clean up so here is a simple life hack you need to know to complicate your life further. When it comes to tidying up…

Esky Drone Bloopers Outtakes- Craig Turner- Turnah81

The Cooler Drone – Outtakes / Bloopers (Flying Esky)

A blooper/gag reel on my Flying Cooler Drone (Esky Drone) short film. As the cast and crew was basically my wife and I and a couple of mates, things get…

Destroying kids ride on quad bike-Turnah81 - Giant Concrete Fidget Spinner - Craig Turner

High Speed CONCRETE Wheel vs Kids Bike – Fidget Spinner of Destruction

Let the destruction begin! I destroy a variety of items to test the destruction capabilities of LITERALLY the world’s most dangerous fidget spinner. I have cast this destruction wheel with…

Giant Reinforced Concrete Fidget Spinner - Craig Turner - Turnah81

Building the world’s most dangerous fidget spinner- from Reinforced Concrete

So my daughter wanted a fidget spinner, from the shops…like “normal” people. Instead I created a giant reinforced concrete fidget spinner capable of crushing and destroying everything in it’s path.…

Thumbnail-Turnah81 Channel Update 2

I need to calm down – Help me?

Video Link: My YouTube videos have been getting pretty ambitions. I need to calm down and I have a bit of a plan. I would love your opinion. Links…

Cooler Drone Thumbnail

Homemade flying cooler! – The “Cooler Drone”

Carrying a heavy Cooler around isn’t fun – so I created a flying “Cooler Drone” (or “Esky Drone”) quadcopter to bring (and follow me) with beverages, food and ice. I…

How to stop cats - Tech BTS (12)-2

Building The Ultimate Cat Trap- Behind the Scenes of “How to Stop Cats Forever”

There was a lot of  tech “stuff” going on in my cat deterrent video “How to Stop Cats Forever”,  which is only skimmed over in places  -I didn’t want the…


9 Reasons it’s Fake- “Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour”

Real or Fake? – I had to share my thoughts on this one! Here are my 9 Reasons why the video is fake

One thought on “Blog

  1. Hi Craig,
    Your old man worked for my old man forever in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I even worked with your old man while on school holidays on his outside jobs. I was always amazed how he overcame the many challenges of installing steelwork on to shitty foundations and crooked bolts.

    I just showed my old man some of your videos. We had a good laugh.

    You have two more fans Craig.
    Graham Collins

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