How to Make a Cat Repellent Automatic Sprinkler – For Under $15 in Parts

If you have cats or other unwanted animals in your garden I have now put together simple instructions on how to make your own automatic sprinkler animal repellent.

This design is easier to put together than a lego kit, allowing people with no prior DIY skills to build it. Best of all it can be done in as little as 45 minutes with less that $15.00 worth of parts.

Commercial versions of this concept can be really expensive- ranging from $80 to $190! Which is partly what inspired me to come up with this design.

This simple project can be used:

  • As a Cat or Dog Repellent
  • Animal Deterrent for other backyard pest like Squirrels, Bears, Possums, Raccoons & Deer 
  • Use it to stop a pet dog digging in your yard
  • To stop ducks sitting on your pool
  • Prevent birds from killing fish in a pond
  • Keep birds off a window ledge
  • Prank friends or family
  • or even as a fun & educational school science project.

I have come up with two designs, one which is stupidly simple to put together however lacks a fair amount of durability – like don’t leave it in the rain, plus it needs mains power- featured in the video below. I call it “The Basic Build”

Then the second version (“The Advanced Build”)  takes a little longer to assemble (about 1.5 hours) & cost around $20.00 in parts. This is detailed in an easy to follow ebook that I have released on amazon. It’s just a few bucks and will help support future projects on my YouTube channel.

To thank my YouTube subscribers the ebook is available at 70% off for the next 2 days, so grab yourself a cheap copy and get building 😉

I will update this post with more pics and info in the next few days. Thanks heaps for the support!

I have also whipped up a standalone website where I will add project updates like future parts availability & additional fun modifications. 

11 thoughts on “How to Make a Cat Repellent Automatic Sprinkler – For Under $15 in Parts

  1. Craig, love the ideas mate and want to build one. I went to the link on Amazon and got stone walled.

    Can I buy it from you?

    1. Hey cheers Kim. hmmm that is weird try it again but I find the kindle app on android works best / rather than desktop. I don’t currently have a direct sale option set up, I am going to look into it though in the future. Let me know how you go.

  2. You started me on a journey! I ended up starting with the Orbit Yard Enforcer. It worked great in a sense. It turned on with every car that passed by my front yard on the street 150 feet away!

    So I lower the setting to the lowest motion sensitivity and turn it 90 degrees away from the street. Still every few cars it would activate.

    I was able to return it, but now I am looking for another solution. The home recipes don’t work as far as vinegar and such. I saw your ebook was 70%, but on Amazon it does not appear to be now.

    How much control on the sensitivity does your devices have? Thanks!

  3. brilliant got to build one to stop the women we call the hobbit cats from destroying our local bird population as they are to quick for the dogs
    many thanks for the laughs great you tube vids
    keep it up

  4. OMG Craig!. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I am not a cat hater but I am at war with my daughters cat! It’s been going on for only about 11 years now and I swear he knows what he’s doing. He digs up my gardens and my lawns to go toilet but won’t even bother covering up his hole after. I’ve tried citronella, coffee, pepper, my dogs feaces, planting spiky cacti, digging fence spikes in, laying chicken wire. U name it, I’ve done it. Or at least thought of it. This cookie may save my life, or at least his. I’m giving this a crack first thing tomorrow. Can’t wait to see that f@&#tards face. It’s going to be priceless. Thank you.

  5. Craig your video is great.I have over 25 cats in my back yard
    I will be very happy if you can send me one of your complete built ones
    I need a few and will try building my own as well.The cats litter all my backyard and so cannot use any herbs for my kitchen
    I live in Brooklyn NewYork

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