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Welcome to my website

Thanks for dropping by. This site will mostly feature content relating to my YouTube channel…

How to stop cats - Tech BTS (12)-2

Building The Ultimate Cat Trap- Behind the Scenes of “How to Stop Cats Forever”

There was a lot of  tech “stuff” going on in my cat deterrent video “How…


9 Reasons it’s Fake- “Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour”

Real or Fake? – I had to share my thoughts on this one! Here are my 9 Reasons why the video is fake

IMG_9926 lowres

Tent pole hand brake fix for Drifting & Motorkhana “5min Fix Up”

It’s the night before an Autokhana, you remember the handbrake (a vital ingredient to such…

Review- “Set Yourself Free” Hilariously fake PSA- But some great film making!

It’s a clip featuring beach, surf, sunsets, happy times…oh and disembodied limbs. It’s not going…

No words needed

Introducing Craig Turner’s guide to “5 Minute Fix Ups”

I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing but i am compelled…

Craig Turner Motorkhana Gymkhana

I have started a second YouTube channel – Turnah’s Shed

I hate that I can’t produce Turnah81 videos as frequently as I would like to.…


Video- Blooper Reel for “How to Stop Cats Forever”

I really wasn’t too sure about posting this at first, but it was pretty well…

How to stop cats 2 -featured content

Video – How to stop cats forever- The extreme party popper

In the sequel I take the basic concept of the first video “How to stop…


Video – Thanks a million

Just to keep you up to date on my progress with my Youtube videos for…

How to stop cats -featured content

Video – How to Stop Cats Pissing on your Car

Is cats urinating on you property a problem? Well I may have the solution. Really…


“The Not So Super…Super Car” – Top Gear Competition Winner

I had always wanted to do some kind of video featuring my car, just for…

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