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19 thoughts on “Home

  1. Please don’t use or scare animals anymore. You may not be physically hurting them, but you are traumatising them. This creates bigger issues for their owners. Issues such as sudden anxiety, which the owner won’t understand where its came from. It furthers a cycle that is very difficult to amend. This is not an exaggeration, it is just a fact.
    Your videos are brilliant in every other way. Just keep the animals out of it. Please.

    1. Hi Kris, thanks for your comment & support. I do appreciate your comment & perspective. I am not sure where you’re based or of your awareness of the ecological issue cats are causing in Australia however their impact is significant. They have driven many native species to extinction, their spread into the wild is due to owners not being responsible and keeping their pets inside or in an outdoor enclosure – which would also solve my problem obviously- however It’s not only the effect on wildlife but keeping them indoors prevents their exposure to disease spread by fighting with each other and also the high likelihood of them being struck by a vehicle – which is a common occurrence. Take a moment to consider what a cats experience would be like to slowly die on the cold bitumen on the side of the road in the early hours of the morning from internal injuries after being hit by a car -all because it wasn’t kept inside. I don’t seek cats out traumatise them, they enter my property – spray and noise repellents are a common repellent method that is considered safe and humane. I hear feedback that my videos regarding this has also opened up further discussions worldwide about what it actually takes to be a responsible cat owner. Cats are a great pet but should never roam freely in a country where they are not native.

        1. +1 – My son & I are making the same water repellent setup tomorrow. Our indoor cats are harassed by wandering ‘semi-feral’ cats in our neighborhood through an open, screened window 2-3 times a week [the window has to be open for a swamp cooler to work – google it, poor man’s air conditioning]. Lots of spray [smelly pee] and hissing, traumatizing our indoor cats, clawing at the screen at 3 o’clock in the morning.
          Instead of trapping & sending the semi-feral cats to the ‘short term shelter’ [read -> 4 weeks & then euthanized] they get to live another day – maybe to reduce the rodent population or, sadly, the native bird population….. Wow, trap & kill might be more humane to native species than to deter trespassers [not really, but that is one of many perspectives]
          What I am saying is a bit of water is better than some of the alternatives for the ‘humane’ ideas.

          1. Hey great to hear you are making it. Do send through pics when you are done would love to see. Yeah the water spray is best for owned cats (pets) and an imediate solution to strays entering your yard. Feral cats is a bit of a different story though. Ideally trap and re-home would be best but isn’t a viable reality in many situations. In Australia Trap and kill is the most common humane approach that is implemented at the moment – a single feral cat taken out of natural bushland can immediately save upwards of 30 native species per night especially where the cat’s diet is small prey including birds, lizards, frogs, bats.
            Let me know how it works out!

    2. The owners should take responsibility for their cats and keep them on their own property. I’m allergic to cats and they are on my porch daily. I’m not techie. If he actually sold this system I’d buy it.

    3. How about the owners keep their pets inside of their homes or on a leesh? 617 native birds are killed in Australia every minute due to people letting their cats roam free. That is a massive problem. It also isn’t nice to let your animals poop and pee all over your neighbors’ property. You may not like it much if I take a massive dump on your back patio every morning then urinate on the ventilation system of your car.

    4. Why dont owners take responsibility for their pets intruding, invading and sometimes making mess for others people’s property . If you cant take responsibility fir your pets why put this pressure in other people. But of course you are going to howl down at my comments because you are offended by someone else saying, please be responsible for your pets (oh and your children)

    5. Dear Kris,

      I’m sure by now that you may believe you’ve been reprimanded quite enough for your asinine comments. But I suspect you’re still one of those “cat ladies” who thinks cats should run free and be allowed to shite in the neighbors’ flower beds and landscaping mulch since your own yard is, well, uninhabitable. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Free roaming cats are a menace and should be outlawed. Wait just a minute! They ARE outlawed where I live in the USA. But “cat ladies” still feed massive populations ferals and let their own “sweet” bird-killing, crapping-machine-felines to reside outside year round resulting in severe angst for all the HUMAN neighbors and their small children and pets. Traumatize away, Craig!

  2. kris if you are worried about cats being traumatised please help educate people about feral cats and cats being left out overnight. I have a cat problem what can i do? They pee all over my doors ,on my cars and attack birds on my bird feeder. My neighbour has the same problem with cats pooping and peeing all over his back yard and in his childrens sand box. The only non fatal solution i have found so far is my possum trap with a bit of meat in it. Only set after dusk when all domestic cats SHOULD be in doors. I would not and can not kill anyones pet so the next best thing is to PEE on them and then release them. Drastic i know but i rarely have repeat offenders. My yard is a bird sanctuary with food and water for all native animals. None of my neighbours have cats except one which is owned responsibly by being taken in over night. At times i am woken by cats fighting (or breeding) at all hours of the night. The Feral cat population in Australia is estimated at 20 to 30 MILLION with small birds and animals being made extinct. I live in a semi rural area near Melbourne Vic. Craig i would like to try out your repellor but i’m afraid it would also repell the possums that visit for food and water. ………. Greg

  3. Dear Craig,

    Please scare more cats! Sell tickets! I will come and bring my friends! Please provide a yard and fire hydrant for our convenience.


    Fluffy McMuffin (woof)

  4. Dear Craig,

    Here in the States we hate cats (at least I do). Please do anything and everything possible to mentally torment those rogue, feline bastards. We enjoy your videos and your crazy sense of humor!

  5. Do you think that the infrared sensor will detect a Norwegian rat?
    Would placing the nozzle directly on the outlet of the valve make the spray hit the cats closer to their head? How about moving the detector to the top or direction of travel side of the spray?
    Have you tried adding a compressed air line to the spray? It would have to have its own solenoid valve.

  6. Your face mask video was very enjoyable, and your mask is a very nice design. BUT, if you exclude air, breathing becomes difficult, so no one will wear it for long! Have you found how long it will be tolerated? You said you had old masks in the shed. Could you remove and reuse the valve piece at the front of one of those? Clearly, it should be sterilised, (?bleach or alcohol), then if you could glue or weld it into your diy mask….. strikes me you might get a better use from your good idea. It is good to see someone trying useful things…. viruses are often transmitted in droplets, cleaned air might be ok.

  7. G’day Craig, are you still marketing you water jet cat cleaner? I have a couple of ducks that need a good cleaning, they crap in and around the pool.
    It looks like just what I need, a resetting water blaster, I was going to get a jelly blaster, but i like your solution.
    Could you send me the links to your ebook and ready made resetting water jet?
    Geoff Baillie

  8. Hi Craig my issue is not to make a remote sensor but to make a squirter than only I can operate. It would be hard wired with the nozzle mounted on a fence or post and directing it at a vantage point that the stray cat(s) sits on. I would then activate it manually. When I’m out or at work I don’t want it working. It’s like I want the cat(s) to get the shock only when I am there. Over time it will avoid these places and move on.

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