Homemade flying cooler! – The “Cooler Drone”

Carrying a heavy Cooler around isn’t fun – so I created a flying “Cooler Drone” (or “Esky Drone”) quadcopter to bring (and follow me) with beverages, food and ice.

I will create a behind the scenes & build video as soon as possible which will show how I did it.

This video has been 6 months in the making. The filming was an huge undertaking shot entirely with just 2 crew (apart from some “Extras” for scenes) – and often only 1 person. A huge thanks to Kristen for this. Not only this but we shot it completely out of sight from the public- to keep it under wraps until we could complete the whole video. This meant some tricky locations had to be used.

The drone build took about 4 weeks alone, literally my whole summer break – and some.

I don’t know if this is an invention, an artwork or a short film. I guess it is kind of all three.

Main Sequience- Final Edit.Still0asdf
It was tricky but shooting this scene brought so much joy to my brain. Seeing the cooler cast a giant shadow over the tree tops & road was like nothing else. Dad (who was driving) could see it in pursuit in the rear view mirror.

Hope you enjoy it!

Revisit this blog post too over the next few days and I will update it with some more information and pics prior to finishing the behind the scenes and build video

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Some Pics for now 🙂

Cooler Drone kicking up dust


Main Sequience- Final Edit.Still031


Cooler Drone at speed over water
Aerodynamically I am still surprised how well it flies. It’s extremely wind sensitive but in “still conditions” it hammers along.


Cooler Backing - The cooler Drone - Esky Drone - Copy

I guess I deserve this after throwing several beers at Kristen

Cooler Drone over the pool with a beer

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