How to make a trip wire, arrow mouse trap – The best mouse trap of 2018

Are you looking to eradicate your mouse or rat problem? We’ll you know I’ve got your back! – (Well kind of – Don’t actually use this, it just for fun)
This is my homemade trip wire, chopstick dart, mouse trap / rat trap. (Or Trip Wire Arrow Trap- T.W.A.T as I call it)

Trip wire mouse trap- Craig Turner-Turnah81


When I’m not dealing with cats invading my yard I am dealing with my on going rat problem. Black rats are an increasing problem in my area and they seem pretty good at avoiding traditional traps and baits, however they have “rat run” paths though the garden that are easy to find.  This was the inspiration for my rat trap concept which uses a trip wire, chop stick dart (arrow) and a traditional trap. The idea is when the trip wire is strung across the path that the rats frequently run down it fires a high speed dart.

Obviously this trap in reality is way to dangerous to actually use, a trip wire is way to indiscriminate to what will trigger it- ie a toddler, however this is a good fun DIY build project that you can actually make at home-but shouldn’t because it is too dangerous. It can be used for targeting other stuff hand held though, like blocks of foam, dart boards cups of tea and toast.

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Trip wire mouse trap cup of tea- Craig Turner-Turnah81 Trip wire rat trap dart soda can- Craig Turner-Turnah81 Trip wire mouse trap- Styrofoam rats Trip wire mouse trap- Craig Turner-Turnah81-camera Trip wire mouse trap- Arrow



































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