How to build a drone – A Cooler Drone

Are you are looking to build your own drone… into a Cooler! I have finally put together a video detailing how to make a flying cooler (Esky) using DJI Drone parts. The Quadcopter drone body is mostly made from expanded polystyrene foam (styrofoam) and the build  time requirement is a little on the extreme side however I still think its the best Drone of 2018 – Hey the DJI Spark can’t carry drinks.
Make your own and we can start a Cooler Drone Racing championship 😛
ohh, if you are after a camera drone this probably isn’t the best build.

Check out the video below:

Also see my original Cooler Drone video here:

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I will post some additional photos of the build right here very soon – Watch this space!

Here is a few for now:


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