The Backyard Cat Invasion Continues -Defending a Birds Nest from the Neighbor’s Cats

If you need a good laugh feel free to have it at the expense of trespassing cats, having an unexpected shower. This is part two of my video series where I attempt to defend a wild bird nest from the Neighbor’s unwelcome cats.

For a long time now neighborhood cats have been frequently visiting our backyard because their owner’s don’t keep them indoors or secure.

They then urine spray on everything around the house and damage stuff which is an  which is a massive frustration. However, now two native birds (New Holland Honey Eaters) have started a family in our garden, in a nest that has been built way too close to ground level on the cat’s main thoroughfare through the yard ( the “Cat Super Highway” as I like to call it).

Cats have killed native baby birds in our backyard in the past, so I have tasked myself with defending the nest with a humane cat repellent, while also hopefully reducing the cat urine stink problem.

With cats being an introduced predator to Australia the family of birds have no natural defense. 

If you missed it. It is well worth checking out Part 1 here.

If you want to build your own animal water spray repellent I have made a video here with basic instructions:

The ebook give much more detail and a bunch of alternative uses.


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