How to make your own air supplying respirator for hazardous gases-Mostly out of junk

It your doing some painting, working with nasty solvents or simply don’t like the smell of your parents cooking, in this video I show you how to make an Atmosphere supplying respirator to remotely connect your face with an air supply in another location – all with simple parts. 

Rather than purifying (or filtering) ambient air an Atmosphere Supplying Respirator delivers you breathable gas from another location. In this instance it is simple via a long tube which I have chucked outside with a pump  rather than carrying  a compressed air tank. 

I managed to make this one out of a snorkel mask, old air blower, some party balloons an old telescope, coke bottles, chewing gum bottle, foam from our old couch cushions, a scooter battery and a pool vacuum hose. 

Overall I’m genuinely surprised this one worked as well as it does. 

I’ll have to do some more tests with it to see how it performs and if there are any problems.

I might do a battery upgrade too and also the power supply needs to be upgraded to something more efficient. 

Let us know what you think or ideas on other ways I can test it. 

I may put the additional short tests up on my second YouTube channel which you are welcome to subscribe too also:

Cheers everyone for the support!


Disclaimer – Like all my videos- I’m not an expert. This video should be interpreted as theory, my own experimentation & entertainment only. Seek professional advise, do your own research and use this information at your own risk.

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