Well this is a little inconvenient – Broken Foot Update

So yeah, after all these years I managed to ruin my perfect run of zero breaks. dammit! I was playing volleyball, I jumped over another player who was down and somehow I managed to kick him in the back. We both heard a bunch of crack sounds. I thought it was a sprain at first and managed to get home in a bit of pain. However lumps kept growing on my foot that I didn’t recognise and Kristen was like “yeah…nah you are going to the hospital”
Turns out I have Broken my 5th metatarsal 🙁

So this is probably going to shape my content over the next month or so but luckily i have a few videos I am yet to edit that I can work through. All round this is a real pain in the butt however if history has taught me anything problems can often present new opportunities.

Thanks always for supporting the channel everyone, keep an eye out for new videos and I’ll keep you up to date on how this progresses.


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