I have started a second YouTube channel – Turnah’s Shed

I hate that I can’t produce Turnah81 videos as frequently as I would like to. I guess I have set a pace and style with my channel that I would like to try and maintain however it is an involved, time consuming goal (…fun though).

I feel there are lots of little technical type videos I would like to post that may not be of interest to the wider audience on Turnah81, so what have I done? Created a second YouTube channel TurnahsShed.

This is where I will be posting deleted scenes, general updates and technical behind the scenes videos that don’t really fit in with my main YouTube channel. Basically anything that relates to projects in my shed.

Thanks heaps to everyone who has supported it and subscribed so far! It actually reached about 300 or so subscribers before there was even a video posted which is awesome!

Check it out and please do Subscribe Here:

Leave a suggestion in the comments below of anything you would like me to feature on “Turnahs Shed” realating to any of my videos.

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