Introducing Craig Turner’s guide to “5 Minute Fix Ups”

I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing but i am compelled to always try and solve life’s little problems…. in the shortest time possible…with whatever is on hand.

My solutions should really be considered temporary fixes but to my wife’s “delight” they often end up being long term.

Most people may ignore these problems, work around them or recognise that there isn’t actually any “problem” and get on with a productive life, but I guess I feel like whatever it is,  is not just presenting a challenge but is also taunting me with its stupid face.

Largely I noticed my “5 Minute Fix Up” trend while scrolling through my phone’s photo gallery where I had documented some.

So now for your enjoyment I will be posting these past and future quick fixes. (I use the terms both “Quick” and “Fix” loosely)

No words needed
No words needed

Stay tuned to Enjoy Craig Turner’s guide to 5 minute fixes

One thought on “Introducing Craig Turner’s guide to “5 Minute Fix Ups”

  1. 1st!!!!

    Sorry, saw this on an episode of Betas the other day and pissed myself, never thought I’d be doing it though. :p

    PS. The cat vid is my all time favourite, I have shared that sucker far and wide. Love ya work.

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