Trip Wire Mouse Trap Update – Responding to comments & other news

Based on some handy feedback via a YouTube poll I ran, I have decided to start doing regular update videos on my channel Turnah81 

So in this Update  video (Catch Up Time – Title ideas anyone?) I cover some updates to the Trip wire arrow mouse trap design (but Remember don’t actually try and use this as a mouse trap – it’s just for fun).

People have actually been having a go at building the trap themselves, so I review one that has been posted on YouTube.

I also respond to some of the YouTube comments, Look at what’s in my phone gallery – as an insight into some of my crazy nonsense background projects.

What happened to my 1975 Chrysler / Mitsubishi Galant
Should I build a star deck
My shed workshop construction
and some poor Zombie lizards cut the power to my home

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